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Here's an example report for a couple of Crowdfunding flows:

Highlighted changes

Donating to a campaign on GoFundMe

  • An extra confirmation step has been added in after you donate. In this new step, you confirm the amount, payment details, and the email where you want to receive your receipt.

Backing a project on Indiegogo

  • After the pledge has been completed, there used to be a prompt in the footer asking you to create an account. That's been replaced by a "Recommended campaigns" section.

Creating a campaign on GoFundMe

  • There's a new option to add media from GoFundMe's library using the "Our Library" option that wasn't there in the previous recording.

Full report

Flows with changes highlighted in blue. Click the titles to expand the videos & annotations. Click on the annotation titles to jump to sections in the videos:

Backing a project

  • No annotations
    • 00:05
    • Donate now

      We click the huge "Donate Now" button in the header to get started with the donation. The first step is selecting the donation amount.

      We then fill in a form of our basic details, including payment details (which are cut from the video).

      We can add an optional comment, then continue.

    • 00:36
    • Confirm

      Now we confirm the amount, payment details, and the email where we want to receive our receipt.

      This confirmation step wasn't in the previous recording at all.

    • 00:49
    • Share

      Now the donation is complete, a popup come up telling us sharing on Facebook can increase donations by 3x.

    • 00:52
    • Challenge 3 friends to give

      Another pop up asks us to challenge three friends to give.

    • 00:57
    • Thanks

      Now we're on the "Thank you" page. We're asked to take a moment to 'Like' the campaign and are given a link to share.

      We can also see more popular campaigns nearby.

  • No annotations
    • 00:05
    • Back it

      You can back a project by clicking the "Back it" button in the header, or by selecting a reward from the side panel.

      Here we click the back it button. Doing this reveals a field and a "Check out" button. The field is where you put how much you want to pledge before checking out. It has suggested amounts of "$5, $25, $100" as a placeholder.

    • 00:17
    • Checkout

      Now we add our details and checkout. Here we use the "Guest Checkout" option, rather than logging in, and use PayPal as out payment method.

    • 00:40
    • Pledge complete

      After the payment, the pledge is completed.

      On this final page in the process, you're thanked for the pledge and asked to share the campaign with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

      On the previous recording, you were prompted to "Stay connected to the campaign and manage your contribution by creating an account."

      That's not the case this time. In place of that prompt, there are now "Recommended campaigns"

  • No annotations
    • 00:04
    • Select a reward

      You can back a project by clicking the "Back this project" button in the header, or by selecting a reward from the sidebar. Here we select a reward.

      We try entering a pledge amount less than what's required for the reward, but as expected, we can't continue with this and the "pledge amount" field error is highlighted with a red border.

    • 00:14
    • Back this project

      Now we click the "Back this project" button in the header

    • 00:17
    • Select a reward

      We can also select our reward here, or "Make a pledge without a reward." We choose to make the pledge without a reward.

    • 00:21
    • Pledge amount

      The currency part of the pledge amount field is slightly different to the previous recording. It's now in a light grey box, where it was previously just text.

    • 00:28
    • Payment

      Now we select out payment method. Here we select to use a card that's already on file.

    • 00:35
    • Done

      Now the pledge has been made. We're shown how many other people have supported the project, with some of their profile images.

      There are also fairly large and clear "Tweet" and "Share" buttons, with a short-link that can also be copied and shared.


Creating a campaign

  • No annotations
    • 00:01
    • Sign up

      The first step is signing up. You can use Facebook, or use your email address to sign up. We select the email option and fill in the form.

    • 00:31
    • Basic details

      You then add basic details like how much you want to raise, your title, location, and campaign theme.

    • 00:52
    • Add photo/video

      Here you can add your campaign photo or video.

      You can add a photo from Facebook, or by uploading one. You can add a video using a Youtube or Vimeo link.

      There's a new option to add media from GoFundMe's library using the "Our Library" option that wasn't there in the previous recording.

    • 01:23
    • Tell your story

      Here you add the main content of your campaign.

    • 01:41
    • More details

      Now you add more details, like your phone number and address.

    • 02:01
    • Add your Facebook photo

      Here you're prompted to add your Facebook photo. If you decide to skip, you're told how important it is and asked to reconsider.

    • 02:09
    • Import your contacts

      Now your asked to invite your contacts using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or manually.

    • 02:13
    • Post to Facebook

      Now you're asked to share your campaign on Facebook.

      Last week the title of this section was "Sharing on Facebook can increase the amount raised by 10x" and this time it's "Sharing on Facebook can increase donations by 3x"

    • 02:23
    • Post a daily update

      Here you can add the option to post daily updates to Facebook.

    • 02:29
    • Ask close friends to share

      Here you can share direct messages to people on Facebook.

    • 02:33
    • Share on Twitter

      Here you're prompted to share on Twitter.

    • 02:38
    • Campaign Link

      Finally, you're given a campaign link to share.

    • 02:50
    • Done

      Your campaign is ready. You can post an update now if you want to.

  • No annotations
    • 00:03
    • Raising for

      The first step after clicking the "Start a campaign" button is to select whether you're raising funds for a project or a cause.

    • 00:06
    • Sign up

      After selecting the project type, you need to create an account. You can do this with Facebook, or manually by filling a standard sign up form.

    • 00:28
    • Start a campaign

      Here you select how much you'd like to raise, and add your campaign title

    • 00:49
    • Basics

      Now you start to fill in the basics of your campaign, such as the title, tagline, image, location, category, etc.

      There's a "view campaign" link on this side bar that wasn't there during the previous recording.

    • 01:36
    • Story

      Here you start filling in the contents of your campaign, including images and story.

      Here you add your campaign video or image. We add an image.

    • 02:26
    • Perks

      Here you add perks to your campaign.

      The form for adding perks used to have a section for adding "items" and now no longer does. It just gives you a description field, where I presume you're supposed to describe the items offered with the perk.

    • 03:00
    • Team

      Now you add your team details, like the primary contact and team members.

    • 03:28
    • Funding

      Now you select your funding type and add your payment details.

    • 03:39
    • Extras

      On the Extras section, you can generate a draft share link, add a Facebook image, custom URL, Google Analytics ID, and more similar extras.

    • 04:19
    • InDemand

      Now you can participate in IndieGogo "InDemand" if you wish to, then review and launch your campaign.

    • 05:16
    • Launch

      The final step before launching your campaign, is reviewing your settings. A modal pops up with details of your campaign, showing you your goal, funding type, deadline, and payment details.

      If you're happy with everything, you can go ahead and click the "Launch campaign" button.

Examples of flows you can monitor

Letgo logo

Listing an item to sell on Letgo

Facebook logo

Creating a new advert on Facebook

Kayak logo

Booking a flight with Kayak

Spotify logo

Creating an account on Spotify

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